DC59 is the first generation of stick vacuum cleaners from Dyson and the essence of what Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are today: entirely wireless. It integrates the patented Radial Root Cyclone™ from Dyson. 

While I was working for Dyson’s R&D, I took part on that project from the early innovation stage and designed some elements of the product, mainly related to ergonomics and use, from handling angle to smart trigger developments. As usual in Dyson, and particularly in that project, the approach to problem solving was iterative, sketching ideas, making quick and dirty prototypes all the way down to CAD and rapid prototyping, testing it, breaking it and doing it all over again until it reaches perfection.

The development of the DC59 was my third project at Dyson and the most exciting I had to deal with. It was the fruit of a collaborative work with close team of about 5 people. 

Concept Generation / Drawing / 3D Modelling / Engineering / Electronics / Prototyping / Injection Molding