Recent researches on agro-materials have proven that agricultural and compostable waste, when processed, could be transformed in a “hydro-thermoplastic” having both good mechanical and biodegradable properties. In parallel, local councils spend millions sending valuable household food waste into landfill. Moreover, being buried, the anaerobic degradation of food waste releases high volumes of methane in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect.

Fairtile is an experimental attempt to tackle this issue by proposing an all new way of upgrading our household food waste. At the heart of this entirely new system local manufacturing plants able to transform food waste into products would be implanted. Instead of paying to landfill, the councils would then pay a fraction of that sum to the manufacturers to dispose of this matter. Through that, the manufacturers would generate a sufficient income to be profitable. The rest of the income would be generated by product’s sales.

Promotional products would be given to the community to promote the initiative: a food waste bin, a biodegradable garden tile pre-embedded with seeds and a toy to educate children about gardening. 

Concept Generation / Drawing / 3D Modelling / Prototyping / Material Engineering / Injection Molding / Service Design / Graphic Design