The M2M stools are elegant pieces of furniture that seamlessly merge 2 opposite materials through one production process, combining the hardness and structural properties of concrete with the softness and ergonomic advantages of foam. Both materials are merged and recovered with a soft PU coating.

At first glance it may appear brutal and tough, not really comfortable as a seat, but once tested its texture will definitely be a surprise and invite you to stay.

M2M is an ongoing experimental project exploring the aesthetic and physical potential of concrete 3D printing. This project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Les Acrobates (a collective of designers) and a consortium of manufacturers. It was supposed to be exposed in the 2020 Milano Salone del Mobile (cancelled due to Covid19).

Les Acrobates
Concept Generation / Drawing / 3D Modelling / Prototyping / Concrete 3D Printing