Amongst all DIY activities, painting is one of the most accessible and developed. Would it be to refurbish an old piece of furniture or to change the color of your living room, it does not require extensive knowledge and tools.

Yet, which one of us never faced the embarrassing situation of opening a can of paint with a flat-head screwdriver. Is this tool really optimal for the job? Is a stick of wood or the same screwdriver ideal to stir the paint? I can see you are smiling! You are smiling because, as most people we observed during this project, you are doing the exact same thing.

As designers we all know that it is more difficult to find the problems than the solutions. Indeed, from those observations, we developed and tested numbers of ideas. A concept of can opener and stirrer as well as a pouring lid were then produced and sold by our client Karwei.

This project, certainly questionable in term of form refinement, is one of those who will ever find a place in my extract of work as it is my first mass manufacturing product. It is the fruit of a collaborative work carried on at FLEX/design consultancy.

Observations / Concept Generation / Drawing / 3D Modelling / Prototyping / Injection Molding