Is it possible? Where should I sit? Is it a stool or a chair? Is it a surfboard? How do you sit on a surfboard? Is it comfortable? Is it stable? Should it be stable? 

Designing a chair is one of the most difficult and exciting exercise a student should try himself at. At the RCA it is a common exercise for first years. You have 5 weeks to come up with an original concept and build it full scale for tutors to test (and some of them are quite heavy!).

I wanted to explore both impossible shapes and materials. Amongst many forms came that one. And amongst a list of manufacturing processes came “surfboard shaping”: polystyrene, fiberglass, epoxy resin!

From each and every aspects, this project was highly experimental, but it worked, during the exam and still today.

Concept Generation / Drawing / Prototyping / Surfboard Shaping