For about 15 years I am a passionate practitionner of kitesurfing. The recent development in foil surfing sports (particularly wingfoiling) are revolutionizing our practices. 

Nevertheless, those emerging gears are such a pain to transport, dismantle and store. Starting with wingfoiling 2 years ago, I set myself the challenge to develop a foldable foil. Similarly to  foldable bicycles, the mecanism should be stiff without compromising the hydrodynamism of the product.  

Over the past two years, I have designed, prototyped and tested tens of concepts to reach the point of development I am currently at. I have patented the product and talked to 4 major gear brands who gave me some valuable feedback in order to improve my product. The last version that you see on this page is the current state of development of the concept.

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Concept Generation / Drawing / 3D Modelling / Prototyping / Mechanical Engineering