“TCH” is a kitchen utensil that I designed, self-edited and commercialized online and through a distribution network. 

Originally designed to nicely spread pinches of “fleur de sel” (Sea Salt Flakes), a gourmet type of salt harvested on top of the water in specific regions of France, the product range was later extended to other condiments such as grinded pepper, herbs and spice flakes. 

The magic of the product all comes from its shape! A little shake and the condiments inside will move up and down the container. Falling down, a pinch only will get out the central hole, spreading condiments on your dishes.

Injection molded plastic parts and cork is produced in China. Product packaging was locally printed in France.

Concept Generation / Drawing / 3D Modelling / Prototyping / Injection Molding / Cork Molding / Graphic Design / Packaging / Distribution